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French Cocktail Shaker Set

French Cocktail Shaker Set

The French Cocktail Shaker Set is an elegant alternative to the Boston Shaker. The brushed stainless steel and curves of the French Shaker provide a great feel whilst shaking and it makes great cocktails.

The complete French Cocktail Shaker Set includes:

  • 18oz French Shaker - 2 Pieces that fit securely together
  • Standard Hawthorn Strainer
  • Citrus Cocktail Muddler
  • Classic Bar Spoon
  • 25ml x 50ml Spirit Jigger

The French Cocktail Shaker Set is not commonly found online but here at The Cocktail Store, this elegant cocktail shaker comes with all the neccessary equipment you need to make your favourite cocktails.

The French Shaker is smaller than the Boston Shaker with a volume of 18 fluid ounces. However, this isn't a bad thing, the two piece shaker securely fits together to form a tight seal that is much easier and quicker to pull apart than the Boston Shaker and Mixing Glass.



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