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Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Kit

Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Kit

The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set comes with everything you need to start mixing your favourite cocktails. The high quality polished stainless steel Cobbler Shaker is a great alternative to the Boston Shaker and much easier and simpler to use.

The complete Cobbler Cocktail Shaker kit includes:

  • 28oz Polished Stainless Steel Cobbler Shaker which comprises of 3 pieces:
    • 28oz Polished Stainless Steel Shaker
    • Polished Stainless Steel Strainer
    • Polished Stainless Steel Cap - This can be used as a measure
  • Citrus Cocktail Muddler
  • Classic Bar Spoon
  • 25ml x 50ml Spirit Jigger

Unlike many other kits available online, The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set gives you all the equipment you need to make any tasty cocktail.

The Cobbler Shaker is the easiest shaker to use, just add your ingredients into the shaker, usually with some ice, attach the strainer tightly to the top and seal the shaker with the cap. Then all you need to do is give it a good shake.

This is a great kit to start making cocktails at home or at a cocktail party.

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