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Mojito Cocktail Kit

Mojito Cocktail Kit

If you're partial to the unique taste of a mojito, then why not have a go at creating your own? The Mojito Cocktail Kit gives you all the equipment you will need to muddle and mix your way to the perfect drink!

Islande Hiball Glass Capacity:

  • 360ml (12.7oz)

Cocktail Shaker Capacity:

  • Tin: 800ml (28oz)
  • Glass: 450ml (16oz)

Jigger Measure Capacities:

  • 25ml and 50ml


  • Islande Glass: H 170mm 64mm
  • Shaker Tin: H 175mm 93mm
  • Shaker Glass: H 150mm 88mm
  • Ice Crusher: H 230mm W 160mm D 115mm
  • Jigger Measure: H 88mm 40mm
  • Muddler: L 210mm 25mm
  • Twisted Mixing Spoon: L 280mm W 35mm D 32mm



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