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This bourbon cocktail will leave your tastebuds reeling. The peach provides the ultimate flavour. Enjoy!

Brought to you by Alberta Straub on ON Networks.

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Ingredients & Method

Cocktail Ingredients

- 2oz Bourbon whiskey
- 3 Peach slices soaked in Ginger Cardomom Sugar
- Bar Spoon of raw sugar
- Angostura bitters
- 3 thin slices of orange


Add a barspoon full of raw sugar into the bottom of an old fashioned glass. Coat the sugar with Angostura Bitters and stir (let the sugar dissolve a little). The add the orange slices to the glass with the peach slices. Muddle all the ingredients. Then add crushed ice. Add the Bourbon and stir. Drink using a straw.

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