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A great take on the classic cocktail, the Caipirinha. Press play on the video below to watch Ricky from Fifteen Cornwall make this great drink. Below are the ingredients and instructions how to make the Caipirinha cocktail just incase you missed them on the video.

Brought to you by Ricky from Fifteen Cornwall on

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Ingredients & Method

Cocktail Ingredients

- 50ml Cachaca
- 1 spoon brown sugar
- 1 spoon Seville Orange Marmalade
- 1 Lime (6 segments)


Add the brown sugar, marmalade and lime segments into the bottom of an old fashioned glass. Muddle until all the juices have come from the limes. Fill the glass with crushed ice and then add the Cachaca. Add a little more crushed ice and serve with a straw.

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