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Fancy a change from the standard Mojito? Why not try this delightful version of the Mojito, the Apple and Vanilla Mojito. Press play on the video below to watch Ricky from Fifteen Cornwall make this great drink. Below are the ingredients and instructions how to make the Apple and Vanilla Mojito just incase you missed them on the video.

Brought to you by Ricky from Fifteen Cornwall on

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Ingredients & Method

Cocktail Ingredients

- 10-12 fresh mint leaves
- 50ml Vanilla Infused Rum (Split 2 Vanilla Pods down the middle and drop them into the rum to infuse for 2 days)
- 1/2 lime juice
- 12ml sugar syrup
- Top up with fresh apple juice


Muddle the mint in the base of a highball glass just to bruise, don't tear the leaves or it will leave the drink bitter. Then add the lime and sugar syrup. Top the glass up with crushed ice and add the vanilla infused rum and top the glass up with the apple juice. Give the drink a churn with your bar spoon and fill the glass up with more crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and serve with a straw.

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