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The Cocktail Store has put together some of the best cocktail recipes for your favourite cocktails. This comprensive list of cocktail recipes not only provide the list of ingredients needed for each cocktail but the method in which each cocktail needs to be made.

Another excellent feature of our cocktail recipe collection, is the identification of which cocktail glass is needed for your favourite cocktail. To get the most out of your cocktail, drinking it out of the right glass makes it taste that much better.

Cocktail Recipes

Absolutely Fabulous, Americano, Aphrodisiac, Apple & Blackberry Pie, Apple Buck, Apple Mac, Apple Mojito

Baby Woo Woo, Balalaika, Basilian, Bay Breeze, Bee Sting, Black Velvet, Bling Bling, Blood Hound, Blood Orange, Bloody Mary, Boston, Brandy Sour, Brass Monkey

Caipirinha, Canchanchara, Cosmopolitan, Cranberry and Mint Martini, CVO Firevault

Daiquiri, Daisy Duke, Dempsey, Detox, Dowa, Dry Martini

El Presidente

Fizz, Fog Horn, Forbidden Fruits, French 76, Frisky Lemonade, Full Circle

Garibaldi, Gin Fizz, Ginger and Tonic, Ginger Mojito, Ginger Nut, Grape Martini, Grapple Martini, Greyhound

Hair of the Dog, Hawaiian Seabreeze, Hemingway, Honey Bee, Honeysuckle Daiquiri, Huapala Cocktail, Hunk Martini, Hurricane

Iguana Wana, Illicit Affair, Irish Coffee Martini, Island Breeze

Jack Punch, Jamaican Mule, Jean Marc, Jodi May, Jose Collins, Jumbled Fruit Julep, Juxtaposition

Kava, Kentucky Mac, Key West Cooler, Klondike, Krackow Tea, Kurrent Affair

Lemon Curd Martini, Lemon Martini, Leninade, Life, Light Breeze, Lime Breeze, Lime Sour, Limey Mule, Lisa B's Daiquiri, Long Island Ice Tea, Lynchburg Lemonade

Mac Orange, Madras, Mai Tai, Major Bailey, Margarita, Mesa Fresca, Metropolitan, Mexican Mule, Milano, Milky Mojito, Mint Daiquiri, Mojito De Casa, Mojito, Momo Special, Monkey Wrench, Monza, Mountain Sipper

Nantucket, Natural Daiquiri, Nautilus, New Yorker, Nicky's Fizz, No.10 Lemonade

Old Fashioned, Orange Daiquiri, Ouzi

Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Parlay Punch, Passion Fruit Collins, Pedro Collins, Peppered Mary, Picador, Pimms, Pimms Royale, Pina Colada, Pina Martini, Pineapple Fizz, Pink Flamingo, Pink Lemonade, Pisco Collins, Pisco Punch, Plum Sour, Pomegranate Margarita, Pomegranate Martini

Queen's Park Fizzle, Queen Martini

Raspberry Mule, Raspberry Caipirinha, Raspberry Lynchburg, Raspberry Margarita, Rasputin, Ray's Hard Lemonade, Red Lion, Red or Dead, Rickey, Royal Cosmopolitan, Royal Mojito, Rude Cosmopolitan, Russian Bride

Saigon Cooler, Sake'politan, Sangria, Satsuma Martini, Scandanavian Pop, Scarlett O'Hara, Screaming Orgasm, Sea Breeze, Sex on the Beach, Shady Grove Cooler, Shakerato, Shark Bite, Ski Breeze, Snow White Daiquiri, Solent Sunset, Southern Punch, Strawberry Daiquiri, Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Martini, Swizzle

Tainted Cherry, Tarraberry'tini, Tequila Fizz, Tequila Slammer, Tennessee Iced Tea, Testarossa, Texas Iced Tea, Three Miler, Tolleytown Punch, Tomate, Too Close for Comfort, Tropical Breeze

Valentino, Vanilla Daiquiri, Venus Martini, Vodka Collins, Voodoo

Wagon Wheel, Wanton Abandon, Warsaw Cooler, Watermelon Martini, Weeping Jesus, Whiskey Daisy, White Lion, Woo Woo

Zingey Ginger Martini, Zombie